Dong Yang Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Conference 2016

Dong Yang

Dr. Dong Yang, Associate Professor, PI of the group of Evolutionary and Developmental Proteomics in Beijing Proteome Research Center (BPRC) in China. He mainly engages in the multi-omic data mining and experimental validation of important evolutionary and developmental questions. There are three directions in his group. 1)The rules of proteome composition/regulation and its dynamic changes during evolution and development. The mechanisms of the formation of biological complexity. 2) Evolutionary and developmental proteomics of liver. 3)The application of Evolutionary and developmental biology in medicine. He firstly disclosed the general trends in the utilization of structural factors contributing to biological complexity and the regular patterns for proteome-wide distribution of protein abundance. He also found KAP-1-associated complexes negatively regulate the process of erythroid differentiation and primarily elucidated the detailed mechanisms. He has published 12 scientific papers in MBE, JPR, JP, etc. Currently, He is in charge of several projects funded by National Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology and Beijing Nova Program.

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