Michael K Richardson Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Conference 2016

Michael K Richardson

Michael Richardson is a British Scientist who carries out research in evolutionary developmental biology. He gained his Ph.D. from University College London (UCL) in 1990. The thesis was a study of pigment patterns in bird embryos, and was supervised by Lewis Wolpert. He then studied neural crest stem cells in avian embryos in the Sieber-Blum lab in the USA, and hox gene function in avian limb development. After teaching developmental biology at St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London, he was appointed in 2000 to the van der Leeuw chair of Evolutionary Developmental Biology at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. He works mainly on heart, limb and venom evo-devo in reptiles. He has a new research line on zebrafish embryos as alternatives to mammalian experimental models. These assays are in turn used by him as screening models to study the evolution and development of snake venoms.

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